About Sea Tara Star Co.Ltd

Sea Tara Star Established In IRAN In 2009 By Jalil Naderizadeh.Since 1996 Our Company Were Active In IRAN As A Ship Chandler And Workshop Under Another Name And The Name Has Been Changed Recently To Sea Tara Star In May, 2009. We Specialize In Ship's Repair Jobs, Supply Of Deck, Engine And provision Stores To The Vessels Calling Iranian Southern Ports Such As Bandar Abbas, Bandar Imam Khomeini,Busheir, Assaluyeh, Chabahar, Bandar Lengeh And Kharg anchorage As Well As Other Ports At This End.

Three key Executives At Sea Tara Star Company are:

Name Position E-mail
Jalil Naderizadeh (Mr.) Managing Director info@seatarastar.com
Afroz Naderizadeh (Mrs.) Assistant Manager afroz@seatarastar.com
Meysam Naderizadeh (Mr.) Purchase Manager meysam@seatarastar.com


For Twenty-one Years We Have Assisted With Many Shipping Companies And Ship Managers With Sourcing Their Needs For:

  1. Deck ,Engine And Cabin Stores
  2. Technical Supplies
  3. ...